SYMA Seva Awardees

Shri K Sriram
Social Service
Social ServiceElders are to be respected and cared for – but sadly, in modern World, the woes of old people are growing. Taking care of aged people and destitute requires compassion and service orientation of the highest order. Shri K Sriram has been running home for old aged people in Pallikaranai for more than a decade now.
The home for old aged is a modest place that can accommodate only 12 members at a time, yet he has the big heart of providing food to more no. of destitutes even without accommodating them in the ashram. His noble act has provided succour to more than 100 people. Besides the old age home, he is also involved in arranging cataract operations for the poor, providing medical assistance and has performed final rituals too to some departed souls.
Mr Sriram is a true inspirational leader in showing to the society by his deeds, the ideals of compassion and service to destitute. SYMA considers him, an Extraordinary Role Model and is proud to bestow on him “SYMA SEVA AWARD 2019” in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the field of service to the aged people and thereby to the society at large.
We pray to Lord Srinivasa to bestow on his and his family, long life, good health and vigour to enable continued rendering of service to the society for very many years to come.
Mrs M K Prema Duraiswamy
Social Service
Social ServiceMrs M K Prema Duraiswamy has been exhibiting the highest quality of dedicated service, coming to the Medical centre daily in the morning and in the evening, ensuring SYMA’s services reaching the intended recipients.
Prema mami as she is fondly known is a devout person with appreciable culinary skills, kind disposition and artistic skills. Finely balancing her family, she has been rendering great service by attending SYMA medical centre on all days. She is always present before time in all our activities. Such qualities are exceptional and rare and her attitude towards rendering service is adorable. She has been associated with SYMA for more than a couple of decades now.
SYMA considers her an Extraordinary Role Model and is proud to bestow on her “SYMA SEVA AWARD 2018” in recognition of her outstanding contributions in the field of medical service to society at large.
We pray to Lord Srinivasa to bestow on her and her family , long life, good health and vigour to enable continued rendering of service to the society for very many years to come.
Mrs Jayanthi Narayanan
Social Service
Social ServiceMrs Jayanthi Narayanan has been silently rendering exceptional service to society. While there would be people proficient with multilingual skills, communication skills in the form of Braille, tactile and visual sign language may not even be known. For over 3 decades, She has been passionately involved in teaching intellectually challenged children, deaf-blind and multiple handicapped. With care and concern, she has been counselling parents of children with special needs, supervise and train teachers in these tough areas. SYMA considers her an Extraordinary Role Model and is proud to bestow on her “SYMA SEVA AWARD 2017” in recognition of her exceptional contributions in the field of teaching and service to such special children and service to society at large. We pray to Lord Srinivasa to bestow on her and her family, long life, good health and vigour to enable continued rendering of service to the society for very many years to come.
Vizha Vendhan Sri NKTG Muthu
Fine ArtsVizha Vendhan Sri NKTG Muthu is too well known. He was passionately associated with Nataga Thamizh ( drama form) and had seen very many stages, especially in what was the glorious chapter of Historic stage plays. His yeoman services to Finearts would always be remembered adn appreciated by persons who were assoicated with Sabhas in Chennai. Sri. Muthu is a philanthropist involved in helping the poor and downtrodden.
Smt. K. N. Vijayalakshmi
Retd. Headmistress, NKT Boys High School
EducationSmt. K. N. Vijayalakshmi has been associated with SYMA Growth since inception imbibing language skills to students with passion and dedication. She retired as Headmistress of NKT Boys High School in 2000 after completing 4 decades of service. At 74, her enthusiasm and passion are exceptional and we at SYMA ( and our Students) have benefitted by her knowledge, compassion teaching skills.
Dr. A V Srinivasan
Health ServiceDr A V Srinivasan is a famous Neurologist. Besides his great achievements in the field of medicine, he symbolizes service. He has been a member of SYMA from its earlier days and have actively participated in many camps and has been treating many poor patients free or at very nominal fees.
Sri. S. VenkateshHealth ServiceShri S. Venkateshan , S/o S Sathyanarayanan, who never misses coming to the Medical centre, pleasantly organizes and ensures that everything is executed in a methodical manner His commitment, regularity and passion to serve are very admirable. SYMA’s free medical centre is famous in Triplicane and its vicinity and ever since its inception 25 years ago, we have had this person attending with incomparable regularity and servicing the patients with care and concern. He is associated with Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Sankara Medical trust and he has been the fulcrum of our day to day activities at our Medical centre.
Dr N SeetharamanChild HealthDr. N. Seetharaman, whose special interest is in Child Health Care, particularly malnourished children. Continuing the family tradition of Medical Service, this kind-hearted person has been serving the Society with steadfast devotion and exceptional commitment Evincing a keen interest in child health care he also did a research study on measles. He combines his rich International experience with his compassion to the poor and needy and has been visiting our Medical Centre with exceptional commitment.
Sri J Babu
GM, Sankara Eye Hospital
Health ServiceMr. J Babu, has been with Pammal Sankara ever since 1994. His vision is to provide hi-tech eye care to the poorest of poor. Sankara Eye Hospital has conducted more than 5000 rural outreach eye camps from which close to 1,50,000 cataract surgeries have been performed free of cost. He has been selflessly devoting himself in doing yeomen service in this field. He has worked in some foreign countries and has utilised his rich experience in formulating strategic plans for achieving Vision 2020 goals.
Smt. Pankajam SridharHealth ServiceMrs . Pankajam Sridhar, has been associated with Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Sankara medical Trust right from its inception in 1985. Providing medical assistance to poor has been her forte and she was the First Secretary when the Trust was formed. She is the motivating person in all aspects of the Trust including fund raising, policy making , distribution of drugs, accounting and administration. She has initiated and ensured active participation of many volunteers of various back ground and age. In 1990, she along with Dr Sridhar, Mr Savani, Dr Parthasarathy, and Mr Ram founded Kanchi Sankara Foundation providing lab and x ray facilities at less than nominal costs.
Sri. D. Venkatesh
Shop keeper
Social ServiceMr. D. Venkatesh, has been donating blood from young age of 17 and has donated blood over 113 times. He has blossomed to be a model employer providing social security to many. Apart from the noble cause of blood donation, which he has been advocating by his deeds and by encouragement to his workers, he is involved in project ‘dignity to the dead’. Involving Lions Club of Chetput 345-A, their group visit the Govt Hospital Mortuary and cremate unclaimed bodies with proper permission of authorities, thus ensuring dignified disposal of the dead bodies lying in the morgue.
Sri. R. Lakshmi Narasimhan
Chennai Telephones
Social ServiceMr. Lakshmi Narasimhan, has been providing many services to young school children through his ‘Ramakrishna Seva Sangam’.
Sri. Muniraj Pandith
Indian Red Cross
SportsMr. Muniraj Pandith, guided the youth of Krishnampet under the aegis of D3 Police Boys Club.
Sri. Pooram Sathyamurthi Iyengar
Vedic Scholar
EducationThiru Pooram Sathyamurthi Iyengar, despite his physical ill health has been teaching and propagating Vedas to many disciples. This person totally dedicated to the society and leading a saintly life.
Sri. A.S. Sridharan
Yoga Master
HealthThiru A.S. Sridharan , an exponent in Yoga who has been teaching yoga free for the benefit of the residents of Triplicane
Sri. K Elangovan
SportsThiru Mr K Elangovan, a great sportsperson who has been coaching and nurturing many athletes, especially those from the economically poor strata of the society.
Mrs Radha
Social Activist
Social ServiceMrs Radha .
Mrs. Prema Krishnamohan
Soundarya Ratnamala Isai Kuzhu
Social Activist
Social ServiceMrs. Prema Krishnamohan .
Dr Sivakumar K
Ortho Surgeon
HealthDr Sivakumar K.
Mr Balasurbramaniam M
Mangal Tirth Estates
Social ServiceMr Balasurbramaniam M.
Mr Murali M
Sri Krishna Sweets
Social ServiceMr Murali M.
Dr Sridhar K
Plastic Surgeon
HealthDr Sridhar K.
Mr Kondiah
Chennai Corporation
Environment ProtectionMr Kondiah.
Mr Chandrasekaran M
Environment ProtectionMr Chandrasekaran M.
Mr Sriraj R A
Anand Vidyashram
Environment ProtectionMr Sriraj R A.